Sunday, August 22, 2010

I have a well rounded fiber life again. : ))

Lace is back in my life.

I am spinning, knitting lace, spindle spinning and finishing up projects on the needles. I finished the knitting of the V neck cardigan and it is blocking as I write this post. I can see myself in Montauk, going for a walk in the evening, pulling that sweater on to ward off the chill. (I hope it’s just a chill – we seem to be having signs of fall arriving and it’s only mid-August! I hope I won’t be wearing my winter coat)

The next thing to push to finish will be the Slinky Ribs sweater. So far one sleeve is elbow length and the other has about 2 inches knitted.

My lace knitting has not taken over my life but has a part in most days. I try to knit 4 rows each day and I am working on the shawl from Victorian Lace Today. It’s amazing how paying attention to my knitting avoids mistakes or lets me catch them right away. Giggle. I have to turn off my audio book when I knit on that shawl, but it’s worth it. I feel good that I am back to knitting lace again. I also picked up the falling leaves scarf I was knitting for Mom in the fall colors yarn with the silver thread.

Vacation is just a couple of weeks away. With Bob not working outside the home, he’ll be stuck with most of the prep work, but I have my share to work on. I haven’t settled on vacation knitting yet. I’ll be thinking about that over the next week or so.

One of my likely vacation projects will be a pair of socks for a trade. Molly at Celtic Swans doesn’t knit socks but likes to wear them. She makes beautiful knitting needles out of bronze (or silver) that I would live to have. I noticed a post on Knitters Review about the trade and apparently she has posted it on Ravelry, also. I have decided to take her up on it. She has chosen the Vampire Boyfriend socks from and Cascade heritage sock yarn in a kelly green color. I’ll probably work on those while on vacation. Cable sock knitting and vacation – I think that’s a great combination. ; )

I’ll have a shawl along. I don’t know if I will bring the one I am working on now or resurrect Laminaria and try to fix my mistakes on that one.

One requirement for vacation knitting (which is automatically also boat knitting) is a project that uses worsted weight yarn and has a fairly simple pattern. That may require that I start a new project. I have some yarn and ideas …. I did just order some yarn and found a pattern in a book I borrowed from the library that looks pretty simple to knit, though, so that might be the thing to bring along. Have to swatch before departure, though. If I don’t feel up to all of that, I can always bring along the afghan for eldest son.

Migraine prevention has been a goal of mine recently. I had so many migraines for a while that I used up my “allowance” of Imitrex. I tried Topamax but had some bad side effects and the doctor had me stop. I am now on verapamil and I have no side effects but I’ve had 2 migraines. The next question now is new medicine or up the dose? I’ll be putting in a call to the doctor.

My younger son has my camera right now, so there are no photos. Hopefully next week I can get someone to take a few photos of me in my new sweater in addition to getting some photos of my spinning projects and other things.

There has been no boating over the last two weeks. We had discovered a gas leak and Bob just finished putting the last seal in place yesterday over the gas tank. We may get in a couple more trips before vacation. I hope. : )

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