Monday, August 30, 2010

Fall in August

It will reach the 90’s today but Fall is in the air. The evenings have been cool – more like September weather. I love the cool evenings, though I don’t want them to be too cool over the next few weeks. We’ll be on the water in the evenings while on vacation. Let me tell you – temps that are comfortable on dry land are downright cold when on the water with a wind blowing. I am really looking forward to vacation, though, no matter the weather (except for non stop rain or a hurricane).

We were in NY this past weekend – a viewing for a friends’ mother who passes on at 88 years of life. We had a good visit with him and he and his family are OK with the passing of their mother considering her age and health.

We visited with my mother and brother (we stayed with Mom instead of driving 4 hours home after the viewing). We made a trip to Captree and checked out the fishing boats at the dock, then went to the beach for a little while. We love the beach and it was good to get Mom out of the house. She’s still a little under the weather since her fall over July 4th weekend.

We drove home on Sat. night, listening to the Raven’s game on the radio. We lucked out because they were playing the NY Giants and we could listen to the NY station broadcasting the first half and then the Baltimore station for the second half of the game.

I didn’t get much knitting done on this trip – I did most of the driving and we were busy with activities during our short time there. I did get some spinning done yesterday, in between chores. Last night I knitted on the sleeve of the Slinky Ribs top while watching the Broncos game. I think that sleeve will never get long enough. I’d love to have it finished for vacation but I think that won’t work. I still have the neck edging to knit IF the sleeve ever grows long enough. I want (I think) ¾ length sleeves. I have one knitted to elbow length and am trying to get the other one to ¾ length so I can try it on to see which I like better (since I am terrible at visualizing).

Vacation knitting is settled. I will have the yarn for the trade socks (with Molly at Celtic Swans) so that project will go, as will a simple non-patterned sock. I plan to bring the yarn (in Black Pearl) for the cover sweater from this book. I’ve swatched, measured, blocked and measured again. Shaping is accomplished by changing needle sizes. I hope that works for me. On Ravelry I have read that the neck opening is too large and fall off the shoulders, so I hope to adjust the pattern enough to prevent that, but otherwise it should be a nice easy knit, great for boating and just daydreaming on vacation. I will bring the afghan I’ve been working on for eldest son and my lace shawl (from Victorian Lace Today). That’s it. I will, I hope make a visit to the LYS there in Montauk called Purl By the Sea, but will only buy if there’s something unusual in the way of a pattern or yarn (or if I need to replace a needle or something, of course).

This will be a busy week. I will have a crown placed on a bad tooth, get my hair cut and finish up as much work as possible before being gone for 2 weeks. Is it Friday yet?

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