Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I won!

I entered a blog contest that Joan was having at the Fairy Godknitter a while back and the package I received far exceeded any hopes I might have had about what I won. I didn't do anything to win except post a comment and, of course, be a lucky random winner. The prizes! WOW!
We'll start with Dream in Color Baby - 700 yds of lace weight Pansy Go Lightly. I have no idea yet what this will become, but I am sure that in time it will tell me. 

Next we have a cone of Zephyr in Aegean Blue . I have no idea what yardage this cone holds, but it is 329 grams, and I know that's at least enough to make one very large (circular or square) shawl or two "regular" shawls. I can't wait to sit with my lace patterns and browse.  My SIL might just get something knitted with this yarn - she will look stunning in this color.

Next on stage we have 900 yds of Yarn Place Graceful lace yarn.  I am very anxious to see how the colors develop as I knit with this one.

This yarns feels yummy - it is Piece of Vermont. Merino, bamboo and nylon in the Forest Light colorway. This may well become a gift for my mother. She'll love it.

And last but not least is 1375 yds of Skacel merino lace and a soft green with a hint of blue in it. This might well become the Peacock Feathers Shawl Predictable, I know, considering the color, but I like it.

Joan, thank you again for the wonderful prizes. I was finally able to take daylight photos to show the colors properly.  I will enjoy every one of them. Until I knit with them, they sit in my living room so I can look and pet whenever I want. LOL


Karen Frisa said...

The cone on the zephyr probably weighs about an ounce, so you have about 300g of yarn, which is about 3300 yds!

joan said...

Thanks again for your patience with me. Happy knitting!