Tuesday, September 04, 2007


It's September and almost time for vacation. I can't wait! We return to the same spot every year, though we have "graduated" from tent camping to pop-up camper to basic hotel room as we have aged. We haul our boat with us, about an 8 hour drive, and spend most of our time fishing and boating in the waters off Montauk, NY.

I always pack my knitting first. In fact, I start planning which knitting projects I will bring on vacation at least a month before departure. My clothes get thrown in the duffel bag a day or so before we leave, but the knitting....
The knitting is planned out, each project has it's own bag, the patterns are copied, the needles are chosen (and some spares, just in case), and I always bring more than I can possibly knit, because I don't know ahead of time what I will feel like working on. I am NOT a monagamous knitter. I tried it and it doesn't work. Now there's a yarn store in the town, so there's an added element to our trip. My husband cringes.

I am knitting a blue cotton cardigan of my own design, and I have been putting off knitting the bottom edging because I didn't think I had enough yarn for it. I recently purchased a digital scale, weighed the yarn, knitted a row and weighed it again. Now I know I have enough yarn and the knitting is going fast!

I always have a sock in the works, and right now I have 3 going. One of them is the Twisted Flower sock pattern by Cookie A. I love the pattern, and it is very well written and charted. Check out her patterns if you can. http://www.cookiea.com/

Have a good day and enjoy the fall weather.

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