Saturday, September 15, 2007


I just returned from attending Knitters Day Out in PA. It's a very affordable day of knitting classes and a market for indulging in your new (or old) passion.

One of the classes I took was on knitting side to side garter stitch gloves. The construction of the gloves was very interesting and I really enjoyed that class.

The other class I took was Latvian Wristers, with Beth Brown-Reinsel. We learned a little about Latvian mittens, and some of the techniques used in those mittens. Beth learned something, too. There was a woman in the class who was Latvian, and she taught Beth to pronounce the names of the 4 different areas of Latvia. In 3 hours you can only do so much, but it was a challenging class and I definitely learned some new techniques, such as how to make a herringbone braid. I also learned that if you don't like to weave in ends, this is not the knitting style for you. ; )

I purchased one Merging Colors kit for the mobius capelet and several patterns - very restrained for me!

We are off on vacation in a day or so - beaching and boating for a week. I hope the weather stays nice.

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mittenswap hostess said...

I've taken classes by Beth, she's fun to be around and she's so knowledgeable! That's one class I haven't taken yet but I want to.

Patty (mittenswap hostess)