Sunday, April 05, 2015

Happy Easter

Hello and happy Easter to all who celebrate. We are having our typical Easter Sunday here - chores around the house, baskets of candy and a delicious dinner. Lamb this year, cooked on the rotisserie outside. Yum!

We plan to go to NY next weekend to visit with Mom. I'm looking forward to that. I also plan a trip up there in another month or so for just a girls visit. Bob we stay home. I think Mom will enjoy that, too.

Work has been good. I really enjoy my job and I enjoy working so close to home. An 8 minute commute makes such a difference in my daily life when compared to at least an hour each way!

Knitting is going well. I am nearing the finish line on the I Want That Wrap poncho for Courtney. I think I might be able to bind off later today or tomorrow at the latest. I won't weave in the end. I'll block and try the length. If Courtney feels like we need to add more length it will be easy to pull out the bind off and add more but it will have to be a different color yarn. I'll dye it so that we have shades of a color rather than cream and champagne yarn. But I really think it will be long enough. It is almost as long as my queen sized bed.

The knitting plan this month is to work hard on WIPs. I have 3 I particular that I want to finish this month. The poncho is 1. The Wye socks from last years Tour de Sock is another. The third is the Capall Dubh cardigan. I have sleeves and button bands to go.

My birthday falls near the end of the month. I plan to celebrate by casting on a new project that day. I plan to use my new interchangeable knitting needles. For my birthday gift I asked for a new set of interchangeable needles. I have a set plus some extras of the Knitpicks needles. I like the pointiness of them but the cables are unreliable and I wanted a "better" set. I love pointy needles, as I said, for lace, cables  and just general knitting. I don't care much whether the material is wood, laminate or metal. I do love my fixed circulars ChiaoGoo red lace needles so when I found a good price for the set, I bought it.

I received them about a week ago and immediately checked out the join and the tips and found those to be good. The cables themselves are a bit sticky. with a bit of research I discovered that the stickiness is a problem they have had and that wiping the cables with alcohol usually fixes the problem. I did that and I think that one more god wiping down will take care of the issue so the set is a keeper. I reluctantly gave them back to DH to give to me on my birthday. ;-)

Future gifts will include extra cables and tips in the sizes I use most often so this gift will be added to for quite a while. I am happy. I think I'll cast on Infuscate from the Curls book with the Dragonfly Fibers yarn in "reluctant dragon" color way that I purchased at the yarn party last month but I might choose something else. We'll see what has my attention that week.

Have a happy day.

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