Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Wicked storms

The news is good regarding the Capall Dubh cardigan. After blocking, the button bands seem fine, so I will be weaving in the few ends that remain, buying buttons and sewing them on. Yippee! I can soon be wearing this sweater at work!

We had a tornado warning tonight! We don't get those often. The storms got closer and more intense but we were lucky here and just had high winds and heavy rain, no hail or significant damage. The umbrella over the barbecue blew inside out and the covers over the chairs blew off so the cushions got wet but that was all.

I knitted on my Forest Park Cowl tonight and did my best to resist the urge to buy the Shleeves pattern that I want very much to buy. I made a commitment to avoid fiber related purchases and if I buy the pattern I will cast on which will side track me from knitting on my current projects. I really want to get this pattern and cast on. I even have 2 choices for yarn from my stash. Sigh. We'll see how long I can last.

We are getting ready to foam in the gas tank on the boat. This is just about the last step before attaching the hoses and closing the hatch so it's very exciting! We did a test run with the foam tonight. You measure 2 liquids, mix them together and within a minute the stuff starts to bubble and grow. It gets hot, then sets and holds whatever is in its clutches pretty firmly. We are going to use it at the corners of the gas tank to hold it in place. Foam day is Thursday morning before work.

Try to stay cool and enjoy your day.


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