Saturday, November 29, 2014

Frogging away

The knitting has not been going well lately. I seem to be making miscalculations or mistakes or some other problem and I feel like I will never ever finish anything again. Unless you count frogging everything finishing ...

Courtney's mitts are not going well and will not be done for another few weeks at least. I ripped the second one back to the cuff, added stitches for the circumference and did the thumb gusset differently. I plan to start the flap/ inside section seperation as soon as the thumb gusset is finished and make the whole mitten wider. When this one is done I will rip the first one back and re-work it. Sigh. I should have chosen a pattern instead of mixing 2 to get what I wanted.

Bob's Escalator socks get frogged also. I should say the second one was frogged. It kept coming out too wide despite needle size changes. It turns out that I neglected to record using fewer stitches in the leg. 56 stitches instead of 72 makes a huge difference. :-(. Another deep sigh. At least now it will go faster.

I have signed on for a new sock race/swap on Ravelry. No, I haven't finished my Tour de Sock socks yet. Why do you ask? I just couldn't help myself. The plan is that you have 4 team members. There will be at least 6 patterns to choose from. You are encouraged to discuss and select sock patterns/colors that your team mates like. You knit 1 sock, send it and the yarn to the next person in line. Then you knit 1 sock of the next pair (all different patterns) and send that sock and yarn to the next person. Same thing with a third sock. Then you go back to the first sock you were sent by a team mate and knit the match for it. The second follows, as does the third. There are prizes along the way and it sounds doable and fun. So I will be in sock knitting mode starting on January 1.

Later in January I will be resuming my KAL with Angela. We were going to knit Capall Dubh togehter and along with the Carol Feller group. School was too much for her this semester so we will do our own KAL in the new year. I am looking forward to that. The sweater is sooooo pretty!

I have a gazillion things on the needles and a gazillion things more that I want to knit. Every time I think I have a plan figured out for my knitting projects, I get side tracked and do something else! I'm not even going to throw a p,an out there at this point. It will just be blown away. I guess I'll just say that I hope to finish some things between now and the end of the year.

I placed  an order with Knit Picks today. I have been trying to yarn diet and have been pretty successful. This yarn, though is for a Christmes gift, a sweater for Bob and, yes, a sweater for me. It's a good knit picks sale, though, so the prices were great and most of it is not for me. :-)

ETA On November 29. The Knit Picks order has arrived and I love everything! I also went to my LYS today to support small business. I picked up Cascade 220 superwash in navy and white to make a hat for my brother, 3 skeins of Mirasol Miski (shade 150, which is a teal color) to knit the Shawl collared Cowl and one ball of Lima to knit fingerless mitts. They had a sample of the mitts (Calypso Knits Easy Fingerless Mitts) on the table and they felt wonderful!!!

I started another pair of Mountain Man socks. This time they are for my brother. He has had a recurrence/metastasis of cancer and will be having to go to treatments in the winter this time. He is always cold anyway, so I am knitting the socks and plan the hat (listed above) for him. The hat will be knitted with Cascade superwash (since I know how he will wash it) in the closest thing I could get to NY giants colors - navy and white.

We had a good Thanksgiving though I missed visiting with younger son due to a trip to Target that lasted longer than I thought. We wanted to get an I pad Air for DH since that is the best way for him to read given his vision problems. We got a good deal but I still wish we had not been gone. We don't normally shop on Thanksgiving day and I don't plan to repeat that any time soon. :-(

Tomorrow we plan to buy our tree. I hope to get it set up in the house within a week. I baked cookies yesterday (they came out good for a change) and tonight we are having lobster! It was on sale at the store and we can't resist.

I hope you all enjoy your holiday weekend.

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EGunn said...

Sorry it's been a froggy week! Hopefully things are going better since you posted last. These things do seem to come in bursts. I hope this one goes sooner rather than later!