Tuesday, December 27, 2011

My Christmas loot

We had a wonderful holiday. We visited with family and good friends. We ate and drank (some, not a lot) and had a great time. Snow falling would have made it prettier, but not better.

I received a new soft buddy to sleep with. This is a tradition with my husband and I think he considers it a challenge to find the softest stuffed animal in the stores.  Meet Lars. He's going to have a matching hat knitted for him soon, I think.

 Steve and Cheryl know that I love turtles. This watering can will make me smile every time I use it.
 This beautiful pice of fused glass is a lovely necklace.
 This was my one knitting gift and a total surprise from younger son and his partner.
 I had asked for a wireless mouse because I have grown to detest the tangle of wires on my desk. Now I have one for home and one for work. I am very pleased.

 I received 2 pair of earrings and I love them both. Both are at least partly purple and that pleases me a lot, too.
 Batter bowl. I have been wanting one for several years and Chris found it for me in ceramic rather than the plastic that is common but not as sturdy or nice to look at. I made pancakes for the family on  Christmas morning. ; )
  Isn't this a pretty tree ornament? I love the colors and  shapes of a peacock feather and this adds the sequins and bird shape to make it work on the tree. I might have to look for teal lights and silver balls for next year .....
This is Bob's sweater. It is a texture pattern similar to one he had previously that he really liked. So far he likes it but it's hard for him to see, so he needs more patterning to be sure. It's actually further along than this now.

 My current spinning. It's a fiber that I over dyed this past summer. I plan to ply it with the Gulf Coast Native that I have been spinning on my wheel for a three ply for a special Ravelry project. )That's for another post.)
I also got a diz and fiber puller in purple heart wood but didn't get a good picture today. I'll try again in the sunshine.

I love the care and thought that went into choosing these gifts. People really got into finding things that people really wanted since money was so tight. No one wanted to "waste" money on something the recipient didn't really like. I like it this way.

I hope you all had a good Christmas.

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EGunn said...

Really hunting for good gifts is most of the fun! That fused glass necklace is beautiful. Glad you had a good holiday!