Tuesday, June 28, 2011


At least I know why I feel like garbage. I am on antibiotics but this is not a quick recovery illness. I won't go into details. Just Ugh.

I have been knitting. The back of the cardigan is complete and I've cast on both fronts, completed the picot edging and am ready to start knitting in pattern. (I also fixed the sleeve error I had discovered after I cast off.) The Calendula sock (that I have been ignoring) is now complete except for 2.5 inches or so of ribbing. The lace shawl is creeping along. I have to be careful when I knit on that - when I don't feel well, mistakes happen and I spend more time ripping that I spent knitting. Ask me how I found that out. : (
I also knitted several more squares for the blankets to go to charity. I want to try to knit as close to a half blanket myself as I can get in the time allotted.

Spinning the Icelandic is so nice .... I am now plying. Plying on the wheel is so much faster, but my wheel is on loan, so .... I am plying a bit at a time on the Turkish spindle. Tour de Fleece starts soon, and my Romney is ready. I'd like to get the plying done so I can start on the next batch of Icelandic with clear spindles, but I don't think that will happen by the start of the TdF. Well, the tour lasts a few weeks. I'll have time.

I'll be getting my wheel back in about 2 weeks. Angela and I went shopping for a wheel for her. She hopes to replace mine with one that she owns with no gap in the spinning. Boy, she has the spinning bug bad! ; ))

Do you have plans for Independence Day weekend? I am not sure what we will do but I hope to feel better, whatever we settle on, so that I can enjoy.


EGunn said...

Blech. That's not a fun way to start the summer! Hope you're feeling better soon. We had no fun plans for the 4th...we packed, we moved, and then we unpacked. Having a new house is always fun, though. =)

twinsetjan said...

I hope that knowing you won our Why 3K? contest will make you feel better! Send me your snail mail and your prize will be on it's way!