Sunday, April 08, 2012

Test Shawl Status

The Spiral Shawl has been my main knitting project for a while. This is the test knit shawl I mentioned a while ago. You can see in the photo below how well this is going to sit on the shoulders - the construction has it curling around the neck and growing in all directions. I had to put it on several needles in order to really spread it out to show the shape and to get a good measurement. I have about 1.5 inches to knit and then I will add the last increase section.   The color, BTW is way off. It's really a deep green but wants to look blue in the photos. I have no idea why, since it's natural light. Sigh.

You can get an idea of the construction from the way the lighter bits indicate a change in direction.

Here is a closer up view of the lifted double increases. 

Melanie gave this yarn to me a while ago. She purchased it to make a shawl for her SIL (I think) but didn't like the way the yarn behaved in the pattern she had chosen. She wasn't happy with other patterns either. I liked the yarn a lot, so now I get to play with it.  ; ))

The pattern is Abyssal. It's a variant of feather and fan to start, with lots of stockinette, using short rows for shaping. With such a variegated yarn, I don't care for garter stitch. I think this will work well.  

We had hoped to get out on the boat for fishing today but the winds prevented that. I don't consider dealing with 15 mph winds with gusts to 30 to be a fun time. bummer.

I am off to do laundry, check the roof for further leaks and hopefully to ply (successfully) my shetland roving that I spun on the wheel yesterday.

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EGunn said...

The shawl is looking great! I don't know why those blue-greens are so hard to capture, but they really are. Abyssal is looking good, too. Just enough pattern, but not too much to clash with the yarn. Too bad about the boating trip...I'm sure you're excited to get out and start the new season!